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I did spend a lot of time with her”

Pradeep Kharab comes clean on his alleged affair with Amrita Singh!

Reena Thapar Kapoor

If you thought Saif Ali Khan was the only one having a rollicking time with girlfriend Rosa, you've got it wrong. Ex-wife Amrita Singh isn't playing the lonely divorcee either. Her stint with Balaji seems to have done her some good. And we aren't even talking about her professional life.

The Kkavyanjali actress is rumoured to have spent a lot of ‘trailer’ time with her on-screen son and co-actor Pradeep Kharab (before he was off the soap). It was said that his close relations with Amrita was the reason for his removal from the Ekta Kapoor show.

“My resignation from Balaji has got nothing to do with my equation with Amrita,” Pradeep says, insisting that he was not forced to leave the show by producer Ekta Kapoor. “What utter rubbish,” he snaps. “I left the show because I wanted to concentrate on my health. No one forced me to quit! The problem is that people cannot fathom the fact that two people can be just friends.”

In a glossy Pradeep has admitted to have spent hours in Amrita's make-up van. “Yes, I did spend a lot of time with her. But, so what if I did? I'm not here to gain cheap publicity out of these things. Why just Amrita? I was on good terms with everyone on the sets. I've a brotherly feeling towards those who've played my brothers. Similarly, I feel that Vidya Sinha (his on-screen grandmother) is like my mother,” he says.

We remind him that Singh played his mother on the show. “Phuleeeeese! We certainly don't share a mother-son feeling,” he exclaims.

Then what, we wonder? So we phrase it differently… Has he ever fallen for an older woman? “Older woman are interesting but...,” he sighs. “The lady we're talking about has class and I don't want to say anything that might hurt her,” he reasons. “When one's working with a team 24/7, then you tend to get close to the entire gang.”

He may have gotten ‘close’ to the ‘entire gang’, but it’s Amrita Singh he was closer to… “I'm not denying that we were close to each other during Kkavyanjali. But now that I'm not a part of the show anymore it's difficult to stay in touch.”

The actor is now gearing towards making a new beginning. “I want to concentrate on my work and my looks. I've realised that apart from being a good actor it's also important to look great.”

Offers for films and TV are pouring in, Pradeep assures. “But I want to be very careful about my decisions. I only want to do quality work,” the actor says.

• But now that I'm not a part of the show anymore it's difficult to stay in touch with Amrita