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The S factor now determines success
Not only K serials but S serials also are on the road to success and popularity. Well-accepted S shows include Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, Siddhanth (off-air), Special Squad, Super Sale, Shanno Ki Shaadi, Shararat and Saarrthi. And the glaring difference is that none of them have a saas-bahu at war angle except for the comedy Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai.

S has now emerged as the next trend setting letter. S serials are trendy, not monotonous and handle old themes with a fresh perspective! Furthermore, the stars behind some of the most popular characters have their names beginning with S, cases in point being the ideal bahu Smriti Tulsi Irani, and her counterpart, Sakshi Parvati Tanwar.

And who can forget the inimitable Shekhar Suman (The Great Indian Laughter Champions and The Great Indian Comedy Show) and Sachin and Supriya, the real life jodis, who have proved that they are not only great actors but good dancers as well. Smash hit characters also include Sujal from Kahiin To Hoga, Sumit from Kum Kum and Saroj in Bhabhi.

Also imply that Star Plus + Sony Entertainment + Star One + Sahara One + SAB = Zee TV ???
By Team